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Hello everyone and welcome to the Easter Kids Pages for the southern women newsletter.  If you have a favorite site or craft or something special you would like to see here next month please email me and let me know.

Growing Easter Baskets!
Supplies needed:
1 empty half gallon milk carton
potting soil
grass seed (fast growing if you have it)
stuff to decorate carton (such as crayons, and markers)

Take empty milk carton and cut down to 4-5 inches high.  You can cover with contact or construction paper to decorate.  Fill 2/3 full with potting soil.  Then generously cover with grass seed.  Be sure to water daily, and grass should grow within 4-7 days.

With remaining carton cut a handle to staple to basket.

After you grass grows in, fill with decorated eggs!

Giant Easter Eggs!
Liquid starch or watered down glue.
Large Paint brushes
Crochet Thread

Blow up a balloon and tie 2 foot piece of thread to the bottom of it.  Cover the entire balloon with starch or watered down glue using a large paint brush.  Wrap crochet thread around the balloon in one direction, leaving small gaps about 1/2 inches wide so the balloon is not completely covered.  Wrapping doesn't have to be perfect.  Apply another light layer of starch or glue on top of the thread and wrap with another layer of crochet thread in another direction.  Repeat one or more times until the ballon is covered with thread.  Hang the ballon from the bottom thread to dry for about 24 hours.  When fully dry, pop the ballon and gently pull it out of the thread. Hang the giant egg from the ceiling or place it in a giant easter basket.

Use multicolored thread or yarn.
You can flatten the end of the egg by pressing on it gently so it will stand on end.
Can also leave one end open so that you can fill it with figurines and eggs or candy.


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When I was young the Easter holiday meant a new dress for church, a big ham for dinner, egg hunts and Easter baskets full of candy. It wasn't until my brother's child came to me last year with a question, that I discovered something more of Easter's beauty.
"Aunt B? How come the Easter Bunny brings eggs on Easter?"
(Click on the title to read the rest of Aunt B's story!)

You gotta read this next little treat....if you have kids you will appreciate
Stormie's story...HehHehe.
This too funny....

Visit Stormie's is a real treat!!
Brave The Storm

We were in Washington, D.C.  I was having a very touching moment as I  tooka rubbing from the Vietnam wall of the MIA I adopted.  I looked over, and my son (he was seven then) was taking a leak right there in front of  the wall.  There were people everywhere.  I quickly considered my options.  I could fuss at him and make him stop instantly, drawing even more  attention to the situation; or, I could pretend I did not see him and let him finish his business.  I chose to ignore the situation.  If it had been another child, I probably would have stopped him, but Josh is a special needs child and I knew if I tried to stop him there would be a very big and ugly scene. Now the Wall will definitely be embedded in my mind forever.*lol*

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