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Welcome to our Award page....we have outstanding pages here in the Southern Women Webring.  What better way to showcase our members homepages then here in our Award Showcase.  We hope you will  visit the sites awarded here each month.  Another excellent way to celebrate the South and get to know  our Southern Sisters better.

Please feel free to get your award from this page...and 


Where can you go for a marvelous Fried Chicken Recipe, inormation on 'Kudzu and Mayflies',  and beautiful graphics in one stop??  Why Southern Delights, of course!!!  This Sterling Silver award winner has truly earned the title of  Southern  to describe her homepages!! A fresh new look at our world and the extraordinary things about it!!! While you are there...Jane will offer a Mint Julip...cyber, of course, but just the same....enjoy!!!

Pam and Louise

True Southern every 
sense of the word.  Annette has 
the gift of storytelling and the 
talent to take you away in this 
clever tribute to her Childhood
Memories.   Drop by Annette's 
house...see for yourself!!! Don't 
take our word for it!!

Louisiana Scenes through the eyes of Barbara's camera. 
Wonderful photos of plantation homes as well as scenery.  While
you are there. be sure to visit her award winning photo gallery.
You will also find various other links to Louisiana information

The FIRST PLACE winner of our Easter Contest for April is:
Easter Blessings,Joys and Pleasures
You make pick you award up here.!!

The SECOND PLACE winner of our Easter Contest for April is:
Happy Easter!

You make pick you award up here.!!

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