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Where did you get your computer handle??

 We asked this question last month...we got a few responses.

Virginia Iota Tau

I got my computer name because of my sorority, Beta Sigma Phi.  I love being a part of this wonderful organization and what better way to show it than to incorporate it into what the online community sees.  I also have my chapter's name on my license plate.


The Bold & The Beautiful Women Of The Internet

The reason is not because of the band from the 80s and not because I like
poison or anything.  The reason is because:

My cousin was a film student at Florida State.  He was doing a short film
about people in a bar and what conversations go on between them and what
they talk about when in a bar.  He wanted all of his friends and family to
come up with stories that would make interesting conversation in a bar.

I worked very hard and diligently on mine.  Instead of doing work at my
job, I was writing a script for the film.  My story was about a man who was
to meet a "hitman" in a bar and she turns out to be a beautiful blonde that
he can't believe is named Poison.  She goes on to talk about how that IS
her birth name.  Her mother named her that because she had driven her
father away when she was born.  She goes on, in this particular skit, to
recite the words from the words to the Rolling Stone song, "Conversation
with the Devil" (is that the name of the song ... "please allow me to
introduce myself ... I'm a man of wealth and fame.")  and to turn into a
dog before leaving the bar. 

My cousin decided that he wasn't capable of the special effects to turn her
into a dog but he did do a short film based on this conversation and others
in a bar type setting for one of his classes.  Anyway ... I have since been
writing a story which may turn into a book based on a female hitwoman
named, "Poison".

I was having a little trouble on the internet, made a few people mad with
some opinions that I stated, ran some people off and I decided, "Well, I
created Poison.  So I might as well BE Poison".  So ... that is who I am.
And my mother doesn't like it.  She thinks it's mean and rude.  But that's
just the way it goes. 
I am Poison!


 MAry Bear
The World of Bearlyhere

My handle is truly a creation of Southern Women. When I first joined my screen name was Bearlyhere and I used to sign my notes with Mary aka Bearlyhere and one of the girls said it was too long and shortened it
to Mary Bear.  And Mary Bear stuck.

 ~MAry Bear~


Well as far as my computer name it is easy to see what it is for........My 
sister did have her's as WWJME and she told me I had to be SJEME2 my name. So 
you see what every you make up has to be better than my storys and my 


OK, Sisters! Let's hear more from all of you!!  This is a great way to get to know all of you.  Send in your story!!!


Southern Reviews
Movie reviews by our Lady Stang
Ladystang's Cajun Ranch
Betty's 3Bs:  Border, Buttons & Bars
Ain't Bee's Whimsy Holidays

Lady Stang has consented to being our resident "movie critic".
We welcome her participation and are thrilled to have her with us
on the Newsletter Staff!!


The Sixth Sense

This movie was AWESOME!!!

It may be the most brilliantly written, acted, directed and edited movie I have seen in a LONG time.
Let me warn you it deals with the supernatural. But I recommend even you fraidy cats like me take a chance and check it out! I am giving this one 
Bruce Willis is terrific! There is something about this man that exudes sex appeal. I have seen him in several movies where he plays a father and he is superb! He is a child psychiatrist in this film and he is so good.  Haley Joel Osment has the ability to make you believe what he says. He was nominated for an oscar and he deserved it!

Ok. Now, go out and rent it. And if you can't watch scarey movies at night, watch it during the day. But I really didn't find it all that scarey. I thought it was the best I've seen in a long time. BTW it deserved the Oscar for best picture far more than American Beauty ever did.


Book Review
Gap Creek
Lil Sis
Gloria's Life 101

This month's Book Critic is 
Lil Sis..Thanks so much Lil Sis for this sounds like a great 
book to curl up with on a rainy day *S*

Ladies I have read a book that made me very thankful for what few things I  do have in life! I will tell you up front that I'm not one to read but, I saw this book on one of Oprah's book club shows! I Knew I had to read it!!
This book takes place in the turn of the 1900 century. It focus on young  girl "Julie" from adolescent to marriage! The story line is GREAT but, the best part is that it takes place in the mountains and all the struggle of mountain life. My grandma would tell me about her life as a little girl and, in away it was like reading about her life! There were also many similarities to my grandma and Julie's life! For instance... Julie was not he oldest of her family but she was the one to do all the hard work with her dad out of the family of girls. Also, Julie's brother died young of a parasite and  my 
grandma's  younger brother did also!!
I can't begin to tell you all the reason to read 
this book! I can tell you that it would be well worth the money to pick it up.. 

It will make you thankful for all you have too!!

Southern Women 
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